Brand Development

Pescaluna creates moments where people can come together over full plates of succulent fish. Using our age-old
fishing wisdom and culinary knowledge, we’re delighted to teach our customers all about the delicious habits of
responsible fish consumption.

Brand Manifesto

There’s a place where the air gently fills your lungs with sea salt and the ocean dances with the sky on the horizon. Hout Bay, a paradise fit for a family of fisherman.
Sustainable fishing is a craft that can only be mastered with wholesome community-values and a culture nurtured in honesty. Where stories of the day’s catch will surely be shared with generations to come.

It’s about the people and celebrating everyday life in the fisherman’s village. Being a part of a neighbourhood
where everyone’s always onboard — whether at sea or in the factory.

It’s not just about our company or our fishermen, it’s about the togetherness we feel as a society. Sharing in the
laughter around a table where full plates of fresh fish mean full hearts.
This is about a village, keeping it local in this place we call paradise.

Logo Rationale

What is a family’s pride without a crest? The Pescaluna
crest can be modified and made more minimal
depending on where we want to use it.

It carries our pride and joy, Hake, and a classic
fisherman’s knot to symbolise the unity of our
companies and the output that our synergy creates.

The logo clearspace displayed in the grid below allows
us to give the logo enough room on any design so that
it is legible enough in any circumstance.

Simply use the size of the ‘P’ in Pescaluna to see
how much room to leave clear of any other design

Our logo looks great even just as the font itself. Depending on the design circumstance and the colours in the overall design we can use any of our brand colours.

Type : Podkova

Going out to sea takes a lot of boldness and bravery, our font is well aware of this. Podkova would be the Russian word for Horseshoe, and this really is a monoline slab serif with diagonal terminals.

The wide proportions and clean characteristics help legibility at compact sizes, while the unusual letterforms deliver enough character to become beneficial for display typography also.


Type : Raleway

We’re not only grit and grime, we know how to clean up nice and fresh – just like our hake.


Raleway is an elegant font that helps balance out our
my font. Raleway’s appearance is sharp and functional, but that won’t stop font lovers from calling it Grotesque because it still manages to keep
an inviting feel about it.



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