Brand Development

A music community app that allows users to share, enjoy, and chat about their own music within their local communities. We give our users access to all the tools they need to be discovered or to discover other musicians in the area.

Brand Manual

Brand Manifesto

Music is medicine; it soothes the soul and turns anybody into a band member.

We may produce delightfully different rhythms but there is a common beat. Building bridges between people like octaves in a choir - everyone has a unique note to play. We share our music because we all speak the language of vibration. Universal harmonies that inspire, comfort and romance us.

Music makes everyone an artist. Singer, writer, player or selector, anybody can create a moment of magic and that’s why HitChat connects all artists to share their sonic journeys. Before we could speak humans understood the power of combining sounds to create audible canvases of beauty and expression.

Music is sacred but it is also the most human quality, the ability to create something from nothing and to share your creations with an audience you have yet to meet. It is through music that we create complementary rhythms, we reverb together to make a stronger sound and we broadcast the magnificent uniqueness of our tone.

Logo Rationale

HitChat is a humanist brand that speaks to the uplifting and inclusive qualities of music. Our logotype uses the Mosk Extra-bold font which carries modern sans serif qualities.  Its arms and ascenders all display creative uses of angle and make for a more inviting and casual look – playing towards the energetic nature of our brand.

Type : Vision

Vision is a clean, geo-humanist sans font family of 12 fonts from Bydani. It‘s design started as an exploration of geometric forms from early 20th century Lissitzky‘s prongs. It‘s perfect for display and small text.

Type : Mosk

Mosk is a clean sans-serif with nine weights. It is similar to Vision but gives our brand a quirk alternative for big headlines and Logotype integrations

Colour Scheme

Colour plays an important role in the Yeelo Studio corporate identity program. The colours below are recommendations for various media. A palette of primary colours has been developed which comprise the “One Voice” colour scheme.

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