Positioning Statement

Who is Andi? Probably a regular person, just like you or me, who enjoys
making clothes for everyday situations. Someone with understated
class and confidence in their comfort. A fan of high-quality materials at
regular prices – Andi is a friend in fashion.

Colour Scheme

What is the Apparel?

Andi’s Apparel is made from only the highest quality materials. Just like Andi, the clothing has no visual representation. The only way you know your with Andi is when you wear the Apparel.

Colors have been selected for different types of occasions. They range from a fierce white to a muted back-to-basics beige. Not many people have seen Andi until they are in Andi’s Shoes, or her Apperal

Origins of Andi

Andi’s origins are unknown, but one thing for sure, Andi has a team that selects the materials and studies the “human occasion”.

Andi was first discovered and developed by the Unscene Collective. Working hand-in-hand it was clear that Andi did not want to be seen, but rather worn.

The Andi Apparel is something that any person can depend on for any occasion. 

Logo Rationale

The Andi Apparel Logo is the only thing that was left behind before Andi set sail again. 

 It Displays A modern signature with a Type Hierarchy descending till the end. The  Andi Apparel logo comes in 2 different variations and 3 different colors. This allows Andi’s logo to be used in various situations. 


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