Ask Cicero

Brand Development

Brand Manifesto

What defines a genius? Is it someone with incredible capability? Someone who pays special attention to the finer details? Or Is a genius someone who is willing to work 80-hour weeks?

The truth is, geniuses are all these things. They seize the opportunities others would never dream of. Turning ideas into reality.
Masterminding their future word-forword, page-by-page. Tirelessly pursuing greatness for mutual benefits. Geniuses radicalise the notion of achievement by setting new norms.

It’s true, geniuses always break our expectations of what’s possible by accomplishing the previously impossible. Inventors and innovators, geniuses are propelled by curiosity and guided by utility. Being resourceful is an everyday practice.

Genius is a common occurrence, there just so happens to be many kinds of intellect. So, when you stare at yourself in the mirror, do you see an opportunity for genius? 

Logo Rationale

Our logo mark prioritises our value proposition whilst communicating a high-quality service. It is evenly proportional along it’s 45-degree angle of symmetry.

At the same time, the arm from the speech bubble in the bottom-left corner creates balance from the negative space on the page’s fold to the top-right corner.

Type : TT Norms

Focusing on TT Norms font family members, we’ve aimed to generate a modern geometric grotesk along with the widest implementation selection, a trusted workhorse. This idea is reflected while in the title in the font spouse and children TT Norms (Norm – from English norm, common). The idea for TT Norms would be the basic type character proportions. We have been primarily watchful working on the geometry of each glyph, each through the standpoint of visual correctness and types continuity.

Type : Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro was designed by Paul D. Hunt as Adobe’s first open source typeface family, conceived primarily as a typeface for user interfaces. Source Sans Pro draws inspiration from the clarity and legibility of twentieth-century American gothic typeface designs. Distilling the best archetypical qualities of these models, Paul followed a rational design approach by simplifying glyph shapes by paring them to their essential form. However, in order to more easily differentiate similar letter shapes (such as uppercase I and lowercase L), some additional details have been added

Colour Scheme

Primary colours are of lighter values to impart an accessible and light-hearted emotion. Ask Cicero’s colours are meant to instill a sense of safety with blue hues and of technology with orange hues. 

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