Communication Incubation

Build Brands for Future Business

Up to 23% increase in revenue is recorded from businesses with a consistent brand across all platforms. 

A business gains legitimacy from the ways in which it communicates. A brand is what gives an enterprise its unique personality. 

Our Services

Brand Manual

More than just a visual identity, a brand is a business’s ideologies as well as appearance.

Brand Experience Design

Cultivating the relationships between internal and external stakeholders, we develop novel touchpoints for meaningful brand experiences.

Pitch Deck

Promote market viability through a pitch deck equipped with visuals and strategy from a market-ready brand.

Corporate Identity Creation

We create novel corporate identities for all the most important administrative tasks – i.e. business cards, letterheads, email signatures.

1-on-1 Brand Management

Consult with a dedicated, experienced account manager to review strategy and collaborate during brand implementation.

Content Marketing

Build a loyal audience by sharing content about the business category online.

Branded Website

Stakeholders visit your website before getting in touch, we ensure it’s modern and on-brand.

Paid Advertising

Target key stakeholders on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive traffic to your website and build brand awareness.

Our Incubator Approach

Brands are a necessity for market viability – especially so for start-up and scaling enterprises. Founders have a better direction when problem-solving and its unique purpose inspires stakeholders.

The earlier a brand is built the more value it will accrue over time. We coordinate all communications, including marketing, to ensure clear messaging and long-term product viability.

Partnering with South Africa’s leading incubators, accelerators and investment firms, we have a proven track record within the start-up and scale-up space.


Differentiated Brand Position

Effective Communication
Increased Recognition
Professional Legitimacy

Improved Marketability

Plug-in Services

Our model allows us to seamlessly plug our services into your existing programme.

Typically working on a two-week sprint basis, we maximise collaboration with the inventors, founders, and/or board members.

Brands build better business.