Brand Development

Prim-U enables individuals to create prim-moments where they can connect and celebrate their beauty through beauty treatments.

Brand Manifesto

In a garden not too far away grew many different kinds of flowers. Each a little different shade, a little differently made but all with equal amounts of beauty. If you stare at one a little too close your eyes may go all glittery.

In this showcase of mother nature’s elegance, there isn’t a single petal out of place. Each flower prim and every leaf proper, working in harmony to contrast each others’ colour.

The different tints and shapes dancing around the green backdrop as if to imply vibrant strokes of paint on the all too natural canvas. What would red look like without its complementary blue?

These hues acting as cues for the mysterious gusts of growth that seem to miraculously fall in place with every trim. It’s not prim to be a tall flower or even short. Yes, in this garden, a flower finds its power in U. 

Logo Rationale

Our logo follows our persona in that it is curvy and yet prim in its proportions.

A soft gradient allows us to create an impression of high-quality services and a softer human approach to branding.
We therefore have the options of using our logo mark in the form of an icon, the logotype in the form of our name or both together.

Type : Bondi Regular

Bondi is a display font designed by Alejo Bergmann. It contains all caps letters, numerals and symbols. This font perfectly suites for variety display purposes, including logotypes, badges and labels, headlines and banners, prints and much more.

Type : Bliss Pro Regular

A humanist sans imparting a subtle softness when set. Bliss is a highly legible design with a full character set making it capable of complex typography. Bliss Pro also includes Cyrillic and Greek scripts. Perfect for a wide range of uses, especially corporate and signage.

Colour Scheme

Prim-U  colours are reflective of self-love, affection for others, and approachability. Every colour has a complimentary, our secondary palette allows our brand to be perceived as more dynamic. Use these colours sparingly and to accentuate detail.

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