A look at past endeavours of the members from the collective.

UniSky Management

Brand Refresh

UniSky Management reduces the burdens associated with retailing by holistically managing brands’ online marketplace activities to reach and retain new consumer segments.

This brand manual and refresh aim to launch the UniSky Management brand as the proudest turnkey online-marketplace management service in the world. 

Impulse Biomedical

Website and Brand Identity Development

Impulse is a biomedical engineering company which specialises in creating access to affordable healthcare practices. 

Startup culture often ignores the necessity of branding beyond just the logo but Impulse is soon to reap the rewards of market differentiation and purposeful relationships with all its stakeholders.  

Old Mutual / The Promise

Motion Graphics / Video Editing 

As part of an internal-branding roadshow, Old Mutual communicates its enthusiasm for the value it creates for its stakeholders off of a strategic platform called ‘The Promise’. A promo video was animated and edited by Chris K. 

Old Mutual / Wild Series

Motion Graphics

Old Mutual and Wildlands team up to create the Old Mutual Wild Series. A set of racing, outdoor sports including road running, trail events, mountain biking and triathlons for the betterment of the natural environment. 

Promo videos, scoreboards, lower thirds, logo reveals and transitions were animated and edited by Chris K. for broadcast. 

Starlight WES

Brand Refresh

Starlight empowers clients’ electric supply solutions by utilising over 30 years of experience in enlightened
electric wholesale innovations.

We use its over 30 years of business experience to leverage our claims of efficient service delivery through innovation. This can, therefore, be seen as Starlight’s guide to maintaining service excellence in all stakeholder communications.

Blackland Industries

Integrated Communications 

Blackland Industries specialises in luxury residential construction and commercial building restoration in Cape Town, South Africa.

An integrated communications platform was devised and conceived by Chris K. which resulted in a 2x social media growth rate. These are some of the highlights.


Brand Architecture and Identity Development

MI-ASHANTI Holdings develops and implements proprietary entrepreneurship intelligence between its subsidiary EduTech, Incubation, and Consultancy enterprises. 

Being in its second phase of development, the holdings company required a succinct and effective brand architecture that would allow for differing audiences while retaining the novelty of the master brand. 

National Real Estate / Innovative Solutions

Integrated Communications

The ‘Innovative Solutions’ communication platform was strategically chosen to build the next phase in its brand development – consumer interest and desire.

Resulting in increased community favourability, renewed contracts and, therefore, better conversion rates. Channels included Radio, Facebook, Website and Out of Home bilboards. 

National Real Estate / The NRE Heart

Integrated Communications

National Real Estate is a full-service property management agency with over 32 years of experience, 8800 units and more than 290 schemes.

‘The NRE Heart’  was an integrated brand solution which was executed through internal and external communications as a reaffirmation of the brand’s narrative and the initial phase of its brand development – consumer awareness. 

Brands build better business.