Brand Development

Vitaserum not only provides skincare serums but also helps its customers embrace their natural selves by invoking their natural connection to nature – helping everyone embrace their inner beauty. 

Brand Manual

Brand Manifesto

Beauty is a mirror of the soul. Like the image of the sky resting on-top the stillness of the ocean, so too does the soul reflect it’s glory on the face of the holder. Beauty has been there since the beginning, it is an organic outcome of joy and peace.

We are beautiful when we accept our natural selves. That inner voice, raw and untamed, containing meaning beyond the depths of the ocean or vastness of space. We are living celebrations of mother nature’s beauty. We are the holders of her purity.

The custodians of our world, our rewards are all around us. They live in the ground, can be caught in the sky and are magically part of us. Our daily lives surrounded by the glow of vitamins to remind us of that radiating beauty – your natural self.


 Logo Rationale

Personal uniqueness and nature’s essence, those were values on which the logo was created. A droplet holds symbolism for all things nature; water, leaves, rain, juice, nectar. The fingerprint represents the unique identity of all our customers and their one-of-a-kind impression on nature and on others.

Type : Cormorant

Our primary font takes root from free-flowing organic ligatures. It’s a serif font that places emphasis on balance. Cormorant is characterised by scandalously small counters, razor-sharp serifs, dangerously smooth curves, and flamboyantly tall accents.

Cormorant is an original design for an extravagant display serif typeface inspired by the Garamond heritage, hand-drawn and produced by Catharsis Fonts

Type : Nexa

The counterweight to such a natural-looking font, Cormorant, and sentiment are the qualities of conscientiousness imbued in a more rigid, yet still sophisticated, modern sans serif font. It represents the mindfulness of our customers and this uniquely human trait.

Nexa is a free typeface developed by Fontfabric type foundry and much like Helvetica is a simple, sans serif typeface.

Colour Scheme

Our colours are directly inspired by nature. Dark green tones representing growth and nature’s restorative powers. Blue of the sky and the sea are anchored for their qualities of stillness and tranquillity. Orange is vibrant and, much like the fruit, embodies rejuvenation and energy.

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