Brand Development

 For overachievers seeking natural potential enhancers, VitaZeal is a range of nutritional supplements that uses the highest quality ingredients so they can unlock their primal potential because nature is what drives us.

Brand Manifesto

What is it that drives us to do more? Why is it that every day we find opportunities to
be more? This internal sense of drive; a type of ambition that can never really be
described using words. It’s not a choice or a commodity, we can’t reach it – it’s not
some made-up destination.

This is a way of being because our appetite for greatness has no end.
A kind of zeal that pushes us past what we thought were our limits and, once
achieved, to set new boundaries for the breaking. An endless hunger for excellence,
digging deep into the recesses of our potential. A force of life itself, toying us into the
temptation of self-prescribed aspiration.

Potential seems a meaningless word when we’re redefining our personal best on a
daily basis. We use it to propel ourselves into record-breaking results; not for status but
for the betterment of those around us. Fueled by the most natural to achieve the

This is life’s zeal.

Logo Rationale

Our mark takes the shape of a water droplet while also holding a more abstract form to show fluidity and dynamics.

Font Selection

It’s low x-height and variety of light size options make it a good choice for reading, it’s tenuous white spaces in the counter letterforms make it legible enough to be recognized remotely.

It’s curve tensions on the circular letterforms gave a futuristic impression. It’s sleek and simple strokes make it perfect for a broad range design purposes.

 Color Scheme

The interaction of man-made progress and nature’s fuel comes alive in our colour palette which showcases vibrant contrasts of colours.

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